Jo Chivukula- Filmography

Award Winning & Topical Short Films

My Last Photograph My Last Photograph is an Award winning Telugu Short film made in the Summer of 2012.
Moving On: Life of a Woman – A Heart Touching Short Film by Sharath Marepalli”>
Life of a Woman – A Heart Touching Short Film

M.M.S – A Crime Comedy by Srinu Pandranki

Idhi Prema – New Telugu Short Film 2018 | Sandeep Kadime, Jyothi Chivukula

Review of “Idhi Prema”


Manoharam 2017 Telugu Short Film Promotional Song – Chakori

Manoharam Telugu Latest Short Film 4k Video | Arjun Menon | Jo Chivukula | A film by Vikram Jammula

Baahubali 3 – The Confusion | Kattappa Swayamvaram | Telugu Comedy Short Film 2017 | by Vaalee Sada
Prema Geetham-Telugu Short Film 2016 | by S.V.K. Chaitanya (Hruday)

Wonderful dual role portrayal of swapna and anu in a contrast made me see the movie again. This time in my lenovo k4 vibe through the ant vr goggles sort of 3d. Admired the Movie .

Oka Chinna Mata-Short Film By Anvesh Sharma with Eng Sub

Ganga – A Film Critic  Telugu Short Film 2015 || By Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu

Light Hearted Short Films

1. pellichoopulu

2. IT Employee Problems Ever || LOL OK Please

3. Tinder Expectation Vs Reality –

4. Gunde Jaarindi

5. Annoying Patients –

6. Crazy Diwali –

7. Annoying Cab Driver

8. Girls Problems || Annoying Boyfriends

9. Annoying Doctors –

10. UnInvited Athidhi C/o Godavari – DJ Dheenamma Jeevitham

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